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Security Forces Flash Display

"Osban's Wood Works - Treasure your Memories"

Osban's Wood Works offers a variety of quality wood products such as shadow boxes, display cases, coin holders, coin displays, flag cases, flag displays, picture frames, Military Retirement Display boxes and sports memorabilia displays.

I spent over 24 years on active duty in the Air Force and have seen many different styles of displays for all types of military memorabilia. I take pride in making a display case because I understand the sacrifices made by those who serve. I want every item that is made to reflect the persons accomplishments in a way they and their family will be proud of for a life time.

I started wood working at an early age and have over 30 years of experience. When I entered the military I was making items just for friends and coworkers in my unit. Over the years I have seen the high prices charged for products similar to what I make and most donít give you the options I offer nor do they use real hard wood, most are using a laminated MDF board that just wont hold up to the moving military individuals do. They are also being made by people who didn't serve next to you as I did. So I decided to start a business to give those who served a say in how they display their memorabilia/mementos from their years of hard work, sacrifice and sweat for this country at an affordable price.

I know you want a display case that shows pride in the achievements and awards you earned. I offer the highest quality display cases, shadow boxes, flag displays, certificate frames and coin holders I possibly can and give you more options than a lot of others offer. I want you to be proud to display all the awards received during your military career, and hope you choose Osbanís Wood Works to build the display for you.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order from me, I have it set up through them so you don't need your own account. I use them because of their security and payment options they offer you. Again, you do NOT need your own PayPal account.